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About Me

My name is Zsolt Rabatin. I was born in Tapolca.rzs It’s maybe thanks to my father who was a sailor, that I began to travel. Unlike him though, I ended up on dry land.
I began my studies in Gyor after a few years on ships on the Danube with my family, and then moved on to Zanka, Balatonfured and Veszprem. My cycling career began with Balaton Party KE, riding 10.000 kilomters a year. I spent the summers working in Western European countries and cycling around Europe. I joined Westphalian amateur teams and rode the famous Trondheim Oslo event in 1998 as well as marathons in Austria.
I spent a year in sports management in Zanka Children’s and Youth Centre and with the extra training time, my cycling successes increased. The year after, I found myself back in Gyor after working in Germany, as the operator of a bike hire company, managed by myself and a partner and because of our popularity with local civil servants, we soon got plenty of press attention. From dreams of franchises, we soon awoke from our dreams, and pursued our own paths separately a while longer. After renewing old cycling contacts, meant spending the summer in Mallorca and in Andalucia as a mechanic, tour guide, animator and training organiser and then the rest of the year 2005 at the youth centre in Zánka, after that working at the leading cycle shop in Balatonfured. In 2004, I received a good tour leader classification, for cycling and walking tours, from MTSZ (Hungarian Tourist Association)
By collaborating with our landlords, a family owned business in the Balaton area and a rental company in Budapest, to organise cycling and walking tours, training camps and weekend and summer active holidays. We offer mainly custom built bicycles to show our passion for the sport of cycling.
In 2008, I accepted an offer from a Norwegian equipment company and with a heavy heart turned down an offer from the German company Rose Versand. Since then, via Mallorca, Norway and of course the magical Balaton hills, I am advertising: RIDE WITH US AND HAVE FUN!