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Before ride

Important! Read all instructions and adjust your bike correctly. Setting up the bike and accessories improperly can result in material damage or personal injury. Do not hesitate to ask the company’s employees for help. Please cycle carefully and observe the rules of the road.

Correct and safe setting up of the bike:

Frame: Your ideal frame size can be found by standing over the bike with 2 feet on the ground so that the top tube of the frame does not touch your crotch. You should be able to sit on the saddle and reach the handlebars and brakes without slipping off the saddle.

Saddle: Saddle height can be set by putting one pedal to its lowest point. With your foot on the pedal, your knee should not be stretched and you should not have to stretch from the saddle. Never position the seat post above it’s maximum mark and make sure the saddle is horizontal. If in doubt ask a mechanic for help. Do not attempt any mechanical repairs by yourself.

Handlebars and handlebar height: Our bicycles are mainly equipped with “ahead” style handlebar stems which are fixed height adjusted according to the frame size of the bicycle. Any modification needs to be done by a mechanic.

Luggage rack: Check that the weight bearing limit of the luggage rack is not exceeded. And do not allow children or adults to sit on the luggage rack !
Safety check: Spin the wheels and try out the brakes, inspect the brake pads for wear. If in doubt, ask the mechanic for help.

Correct handling:

  • Consider that the front brake has more breaking power.
  • Don`t change the gears under heavy pressure, this can lead to fast wear of the components, and mechanical accidents.
  • By shifting up or down, don`t cross the chain.
  • Practice high pedaling dinamycs, do not tread a hard gear.
  • Don`t set the bike to the ground down on the side of the rear derallieur.
  • Don’t collect potholes.